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You're either insane or a saint; you're filthy rich or highly irresponsible. You've got gobs of patience and reek of organizational skills, but apparently you don't know what causes THAT. If people accuse you of all this and more, you must have TONS OF KIDS, and you've just found your home on the web! Welcome, all those with 5 kids or more, to the forum where you just might finally be understood!
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April 23, 2014 10:34
I have a crystal candy dish my MIL gave me from the late 1800's, and her silverware in a box with some pieces that were her mother's. I also have a set of silverware from the 1950's that I just took out of my drawer as I rarely used it because I was told not to mix silverware and flatware in the dishwasher together. But I don't think silverware is valuable like it once was. I have 5 or 6 sets of mixed sets in the drawer. We didn't have a wedding really, so no wedding gifts to speak of.
by live4truth13

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